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Hello, fellow people! My name is Megan. I am seventeen years old, and I live in the United States of America. I love a variety of book series, television shows, and movies, including Sherlock (I ship Johnlock), Doctor Who (Nine is the absolute best), Supernatural, the Avengers, new Star Trek, and F.R.I.E.N.D.S. ], and just about every musical ever (Elisabeth, The Phantom of the Opera, and Les Miserables being my favorites). Anyways, I love making new friends, so feel free to say hi or talk or anything. Thanks :-)
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If you think your mom overreacts just remember once my mom cancelled our trip to New York because I refused to eat the meatloaf she made

my mom accused me of selling my birth certificate and social security to the black market when she couldn’t find them

you win

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i remember when i was 14 this kid asked me out and i told him i wasnt allowed to date till i was 16 and he said “i’ll wait.”

two years later he wished me a happy birthday and asked me out

did you say yes



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✍ Finally, an ask-meme for writers! ✍


01: When did you first start writing?
02: What was your favorite book growing up?
03: Are you an avid reader?
04: Have you ever thrown a book across the room?
05: Did you take writing courses in school/college?
06: Have you read any writing-advice books?
07: Have you ever been part of a critique group?
08: What’s the best piece of feedback you’ve ever gotten?
09: What’s the worst piece of feedback you’ve ever gotten?
10: What’s your biggest writer pet-peeve?

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hello 911 my sock is falling down inside my shoe 

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There’s this asshole who every time he sees me with my ukulele he thinks he’s funny and asks “Can you play any Metallica?” but the joke is now on him because I just learned how to play the intro riff to Master of Puppets.

I did it. I fucking did it. He asked me again just like I knew he would and I stared him straight in the eyes without blinking and just fucking shredded on my ukulele



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You and I have said our goodbyes twice now // I’m no happier than I was the first time

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All Dates are Official. Movies from Doctor Strange onward are not. This is my speculation to what the upcoming slate of Marvel Studios films will entail, coming off the announcement of the new release dates!

Superhero movies are taking over the world!!!

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music asks are cool.

1:A song that makes you feel happy
2:A song that makes you feel sad
3:A song that makes you feel badass
4:A song that makes you feel angry
5:A song that makes you feel in love
6:A song that makes you feel heart broken
7:A song that makes you jump in excitement
8:A song that makes you think about life
9:A song that makes you cry
10:A song you find boring
11:A song you listened to too many times and got sick of it
12:A song you love
13:A song you hate
14:A song that makes you dance
15:A song that makes you sing
16:A song that gets stuck in your head
17:Your favorite song
18:The last song you listened to
19:The song you’re listening to now
20:The first five songs on your ipod
21:The first five songs on your ipod on shuffle
22:A song from your childhood
23:The song you want to die listening to
24:The song you last sang
25:A song that brings up good memories
26:A song that brings up bad memories
27:A song that you can fall asleep to
28:A song that makes you scream when you hear it
29:A song that makes you feel pumped up
30:A song you wish everyone would listen to
31:A song you haven’t heard in a long time
32:A song you can always back to and listen to and fall in love with it all over again
33:A song with a story behind it
34:A song that’s starting to grow on you
35:A song you’re starting to get sick of
36:The song you’ve listened to the most
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